Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back in the saddle

We got a package of quilts with the morning mail, and my plan to start quilting the Lone Star was put on hold. One of the quilts has a deadline, so I pinned it on and quilted it this morning while listening to my murder mystery. It was a giant Packers quilt, and fun to do.The fabric selections were really well thought out and the whole quilt was a delight for this Packer fan to quilt!

Go Packers!!

Mr Wazoo did this before going outside to play

After a quick lunch, I started a huge batch of collard greens, answered some mail and paid a couple of bills. Then it was straight back to the studio and the start I have been anxious to do...the antique Lone Star quilt I restored and added background and borders to.

Stitch in the ditch done, and quilting the star started.

I am doing an elongated leaf pattern in each diamond. That should reinforce the hand stitched seams and flatten any 'poochy' spots.

Tim planted some sweet Johnny Jump Ups in these planters

The two forsythia shrubs are in.

Wanna be grossed out? These are fire ants!! Tim found two hills just beside the studio porch, put on the ant killer, and then the swarm of angry ants moved onto the concrete! He sprayed them with the hose back into the nest to die. Gross to the nth degree!

Tim also finished the lattice under the back porch to keep the critters out from underneath.

Molly likes her new walk. She doesn't have to get her nice white paws muddy. ha ha
Tim and Molly took a well deserved break at quitting time. He put in a hard day digging holes in the clay soil.

The mountains are greening up in stages, making them more interesting and beautiful. And how about those clouds?! The view changes every day. I love it.

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