Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big adventure and anticipation!

Yesterday, I did some quick sewing and binding for an up-coming tutorial I'm doing, and then spent some quality time looking through quilt books and trying to decide what quilt to make for our bed. It will have to be uncomplicated because I don't have time to make something with ten thousand pieces!
I'm thinking something like a triple Irish chain... Until then, I'll keep on working on charity stuff and little UFOs.
Little charity quilt. I have it quilted, bound and ready to hand sew.

The big adventure came this morning veeeery early. 6:30 early! We got up and mustered out to town for the Blairsville Garden Club annual plant sale. Boy, I'm glad we got there early! We scored a truckload of nice perennials for the new flower beds at half the cost of nursery plants. It was raining right along, which seemed to slow down the crowd we expected to see there, but that was short lived. By the time we left, the place was buzzing, but with slim pickings as far as the plants left. I hope it will be sunny tomorrow so Mr Wazoo can have a happy day with his dirt and plants.
Rainy morning at the plant sale
Truckload of wonderful
Then there is the anticipation. Two of my friends from Punta Gorda will be here this afternoon for a visit! They had the good fortune to go to Paducah for the big quilt show, and are taking a detour to come to the Georgia mountains to have dinner and some fun. Our first guests! Everything is ready, and I am doing hand sewing until they come. I'm like a kid on Christmas eve.
Tomorrow, I will be cutting the setting pieces for the second lone star customer commission quilt. The first one was a big hit, so I hope the second one will be, too. I'm always happy to be in the studio and play with fabric! It's a good life.

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