Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello Sunshine!

What a glorious day it is! The sun is out and it is cool and breezy. Just perfect. I was up early for my mammogram and then some grocery shopping. There aren't too many shoppers out at 9 AM, so I may change my habit of going in the afternoon. Who knew?
Yesterday, we had a mix of heavy rain and wind and some sun. In the morning, Molly went for her fluff and buff, so as a reward for being confined in a crate for hours, we took the mountain top walk along our road. The air smelled so clean and fresh, with hints of the blooming flowers along the way. Everything is getting greener and the trees are leafing out so much that we can't see the bend in the road form the porch anymore. I would say Spring has sprung!
Molly needed a nap before going up the mountain

First, we had a game of fetch the skunk in the clean studio
Mr Wazoo was working outside in the back and heard a loud WHUMP! in the woods. He came to the studio and   we both went up to the top of the ridge behind the house to investigate. A huge branch broke off a tree and came crashing down and breaking into chunks. I'm glad it wasn't close to the house. We had a tree fall onto our porch in Wisconsin, and I don't want to repeat that experience here.
The view over the top of the mountain is just forest on the steep slope. We back up to the Chattahoochie National Forest, just  beyond a small strip that is privately owned. I have never ventured up there because the land owner has No Trespassing signs facing our property all along our lot line. They even have one that says they monitor their property with cameras! I hope they aren't watching us too closely...
I guess I expected something different, but this is what the top of the ridge looks like. It drops off at the line about mid-photo, and we can see mountains in the distance.

The tree that lost a limb is just behind the big tree. You can see the scar on the tree and the broken branch on the ground.

Here's what our house looks like from the back.

Molly wondered why we left her in the porch.
I have been working on a big customer quilt, and need to finish the two rows I didn't get done yesterday. Normally, I would have the quilting done, but I spent the morning cleaning the studio which had become a dust bunny haven! I'm going there now, so Molly and I can repeat the walk we enjoyed so much yesterday.
Happy quilting!

Three rows to go on this 106x106 beauty!

Mr Wazoo finished his work and was outside in a flash!
Tim put in the lilac bush. It smells divine!

He also planted several clumps of phlox around the yard, too.


  1. What part of WI did you come from....I grew up in Platteville and spent adult life around Milwaukee....moved to Ellijay in December of 2009.

  2. I am originally from Beloit. I lived most of my life in Madison and later in Egg Harbor, before moving to Florida.


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