Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Home again, Home again, Jiggidy Jog!

It rained all the way home from Texas, but we didn't mind...we're home! Poor Molly got into some fleas there and we have been treating her scratching and biting for days. Oh well, into every life a little rain must fall. Ha!
Yesterday, we ran errands and then took a fun visit to a couple of nurseries for trees and plants. Yup, still raining through the whole thing, but ever so lightly...just enough to spot up my glasses. You know what I'm talking about if you wear glasses. Its raining again today, so I don't think they will all get in the ground. Tim put in the hosta when we got home, so he's somewhat appeased.
Spring is in the air! Let's get some trees.

The discerning buyer picking out a red bud tree

I opted for this lilac. I miss them since leaving Wisconsin.

Oodles of veggies and herbs

A truckload of goodies for the yard
I really wanted to take some pictures of all the trees in bloom around the area, but the rain wouldn't cooperate. I did take just a few on the way home and in the yard.
The ever changing view on the road home from town

Our mountain in the background on the right.

Our dogwood tree is blooming! We were worried it may have been damaged during the construction, but it looks fine.

Can't see the mountain tops today, either. Low clouds add a mysterious touch to the view from the front porch.

Later, we went to Walmart for groceries, and there were the quilts from the guild!! They have a display there that changes with the seasons to get people interested in quilting and the guild. I have two quilts in the display! This is the Spring group, so I sent my Easter bunny quilt and my hand embroidered flowers and butterflies quilt. I think the display is a brilliant idea, and it sure livens up the area of the store!

One of my quilts hanging at our local Walmart.

Another of my quilts for the Spring display

All the quilts add a happy flair to the fabric department.

Last night, I finished the hand sewing on the binding of my latest quilt. This was a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company that I made at a retreat and just recently quilted. It is a big one, so I draped it over the queen bed in the guest room for photos.

Ta da! I think they look like envelopes.

The backing is a really soft plaid shirting fabric from Pennsylvania

The fabric line is Eclectic Elements.
Today, I will be starting quilting on the first lone star customer quilt. Rainy days are good for quilting! Off to the studio! Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo will be dodging raindrops to add more foliage to our landscape.

Baby hosta, cooling their feet in the moist soil.

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