Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lone Star progress and barn quilt fun

I had a fruitful day putting on the borders and getting the Lone Star quilt on the machine for quilting. It should be very pretty when it is finished. The quilting is moving right along, but after several hours, my back was hurting and I had to quit for the day. Tomorrow, after my morning doctor visit (ugh) I should be able to get it done and the binding made and applied. Woo hoo!
Over half done!
It's hard to see, but the quilting is really nice.
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo had business of his own to take care of today. The wreck he was in yesterday messed up the right front of his truck, and he had to go get an estimate for the other driver's insurance. It was her fault and an independent witness was there to corroborate what happened. Her car was really smashed and unable to be driven after the accident. Poor girl was crying and worried about what her father would say. It is his car. Oops!
I picked one of the roses from our new bush in the garden. Wow, is it ever fragrant! The blooms change color as they mature, which is really cool.
Swanky roses!
I cut one of these for in the studio.
Mike came by after his work day to assemble the frame for the barn quilt. He says he should be able to get it put up on the peak of the house tomorrow. That should be photo worthy! Tim helps by staying out of the way and chatting it up with the carpenter. He did paint the boards...a safe contribution to the project.
Mike even mitered the corners! I rarely do that on quilts...
This evening, I will get the binding sewn down on the blue quilt I finished a couple of days ago while watching TV. Yes, life is good!

For now, the studio is closed!

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