Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax day blues

We had to pay up this year, thanks to all of you wonderful customers! I never would have thought we would go over the estimated tax for the year, but we did so much work, we just had to ante up our share. Thank you; we are so grateful for your continued patronage.
Today, we worked in the studio because the weather wouldn't cooperate with Tim's ideas of digging and planting. He finished the last of the three deadline quilts and mailed them off to Florida.



I worked all day on the Lone Star quilt and finished it up! The binding is cut, but I just ran out of gas before I could get it sewn and pressed. There is always tomorrow! (Although, tomorrow is my sewing day with the Misty Mountain girls)
I made a huge pot of vegetable soup for lunches this week, so we're all set!
Here are the pictures of the Lone Star.

I had a fun day, and look forward to another one tomorrow. I think Tim will be outside. When the cat's away...the mouse will play!

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