Friday, May 1, 2015

Barn quilt is up, lone star quilt is finished, it's a happy Friday!

What a great day! First, I had a doctor's appointment where I was sure I would have to be scolded, but was surprised to see my blood pressure is down, my blood sugar is fine and I lost 3 pounds! And I didn't feel a thing. Hate to admit it, but the plant based diet seems to be working. Goody.
Work continued on the lone star quilt until Tim interrupted and said there was a big to-do going on at the bank with free hot dogs and tomato plants. Off we went and after a dog and plant stop at the bank, we managed to spend a wad at Home Depot on more lilacs (woo hoo!) , a tickseed plant, and some tomato cages. The garden is really shaping up!
Customer appreciation day at our bank. Free lunch and tomato plants!
Mike and Jason came today and put up the barn quilt on the house. Jason had no fear on the ladder scaffold, but Mike was a bit timid...and for good reason! I think they were about thirty feet up! Tim did the smart thing and supervised from the front porch. I fought off clouds of gnats and documented the occasion from the front yard. It looks terrific, and sets our house apart from the others.
No-Fear-Jason waving from the scaffold
Mike, Jason and Supervisor
Looking good from the street
Almost done...Mike even touched up the paint!
After the big event, I returned to the studio and finished the quilting, binding and sleeve on the second lone star quilt. I will do the hand sewing tonight and move on to the next project this weekend.
Fini !!
I think it is awesome
Setting triangles look like this
Diamonds look like this
And with the borders, it is a neat package!
As long as we were off the veggie wagon with the hot dog lunch, we celebrated the barn quilt with a trip to the Smokin' Que for some ribs, beans and slaw.
A full on wonderful North Georgia day!

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