Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Changed gears for charity

I meant to sew the quilt top for our bed today, but I had to change gears and do other things. I started with mounds of laundry. When the husband likes to play outside in the dirt, there will be loads of dirty laundry, and that is what I had to do today. So while the washer chugged along, I went to the studio and tackled the pile of charity quilts for the guild. There were three from other quilters, and two of mine from the sewcial yesterday. All of them are now quilted and have their bindings sewn on. I need to do the hand sewing before turning them in next week.
The squirrel applique makes this quilt fun

I like how thw quilter made stars in this stack and slash quilt

Looks like a jelly roll race

I made this fruity quilt. It is a bit busy, but colorful

I made this cherries quilt, too

I made myself a promise; to start the bed quilt tomorrow, for sure!

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