Sunday, May 24, 2015

Honoring the fallen and doing some quilting

As it is Memorial Day weekend, I have been thinking about how fortunate our family has been. My Dad and his brothers all returned from World War II, my eldest brother came home from Viet Nam, and my daughter, Amy made it through two tours in Iraq. My heart aches for the mothers, daughters and sisters whose service members didn't come home to them alive. People use this weekend as a time to relax and have a cookout or watch a car race on the tube. We cook out,too, but we also take time to remember and honor those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so we may enjoy the freedoms we take for granted. Take a moment to reflect on how wonderful your life is, and remember who made it possible.
On the lighter side, Mr Wazoo and I spent another day together in the studio doing some quilting and sewing. He quilted this Kaffe Fassett quilt, and I quilted a 2-3-2-6 I made at the sew-in on Thursday. All I need to do is the hand sewing.
Simple, but stunning. You can't go wrong with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
pantograph: Alfresco
the back
My charity quilt for a man in need
pantograph: Quirky
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Nice plaid back
There was a bit of time for fun, too, so I played with the blocks from yesterday and sewed them into this little wall hanging-to-be. I haven't decided on a border yet, but have narrowed it down to these dark red-purple ones. Ombre or no...can't decide. I will be adding some geometric applique, too, just to carry the theme out from the center. It is very much a work in progress.

After a quick drive to Home Depot (is any day complete without this trip?...) for a screen door for the house, we marveled at the change in the scenery in just a month's time! The drive to our house is so beautiful in every season, I can't help taking pictures of it!
We call this the haunted house. It dates to 1887 according to county records.
The curve where the horses graze. In the winter, we can see our house from here!
The view from the top of our mountain toward Brasstown Bald
The view from our front porch is partially obstructed by the leafy canopy.
Ah yes, the cook out...Tim has the baby backs on the grill and it is time to get the side dishes started. I hope you have a great day and a memorable Memorial Day.
My daughter, Amy

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