Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lovely day for some sight-seeing

It was too beautiful a day to stay home and quilt, so Mr Wazoo and I set out for Brasstown Bald. With it's strange name, Brasstown Bald also climbs the title of tallest mountain in Georgia at 4784 feet! We drove to the parking lot about two thirds of the way up the mountain, and took the shuttle the rest of the way to the top.
The view in every direction is glorious! The bluish haze over the mountains is an atmospheric occurrence caused by rotting vegetation (so the guide says), and that is why these mountains are called the Blue Ridge. From North Carolina up, they are called the Great Smoky Mountains. The guide also told us that on a really clear day, you can see the skyline of Atlanta, 80 miles south.Tim surmised that from an unobstructed window in one of those skyscrapers in Atlanta, you must be able to see Brasstown Bald! Hmmmm...I wonder if that would be true?
We toured the museum, walked all around the observation deck, watched the movie about the seasonal changes on the mountain, and then skipped the shuttle ride, choosing to walk down the trail to the parking lot. It was very steep, but really interesting. There are many types of little wild flowers, trees and birds to enjoy on the way down, so it wasn't too bad. Next time, we will walk up the trail. I know I can do it!
After leaving Brasstown Bald, we wound our way through the Chattahoochie National Forest to Hiawassee. On the drive back to Blairsville, we stopped for an early supper at Brothers restaurant outside of Young Harris. Yum.
Molly was jumping out of her fur coat with excitement when we got home, and was rewarded for good behavior with a giant peanut butter dog cookie from the garden center! I put my souvenir Brasstown Bald magnet on the fridge with the others, and then made you this slideshow.
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