Saturday, May 30, 2015

Quilting detour...

Golly! I can't believe what happened! I had ordered two batting rolls and two cases of packaged batting from Hobbs mid month and was wondering what was holding up the delivery. I need the batting yesterday!! The invoice came... they took their batting. I used the tracking number to see where the batting was held up and was shocked to see it had been delivered on the FLORIDA!! Oh no! Now, I am unable to do at least two of my customer quilts unless I drive to a store that carries Hobbs and pay retail for batting. Oh well, when life gives you lemons...
Quilt something!
The vintage block quilt is ready for the hand sewing.

Pantograph: Fork in the road.

Label and binding on, all ready to go.

Tim finished painting the screen door, and now, we can have the door open and not let in every bug in the county!

Tim also had a good day in the yard. He is making a walkway behind the perennial garden to make it easier to get to the plants in the back of the area

Then, he sprayed the non toxic deer repellant on all his tender plants. Hosta is like a salad  bar to a hungry deer!

We also have to have the  gas tank hidden from the road, so Tim put up this trellis. In a year or two, the vine will completely cover the trellis with foliage and purple flowers.

The hosta looks great along the rock wall, too.

 Day is done, and its time to kick back and relax. The mountains are beautiful and I feel like I am in Heaven!

A glass of wine and a friend (husband) to share it with...priceless!

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