Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday finishes!

The day started early here at Wazoo. I had to have Kay's quilt done by 10:30, and I decided at the last minute to add the words MOULIN ROUGE  in one border. I had most of it done by 10:00 and was working on the red outlining of the words when they came. I finished the quilting while chatting with Kay and her husband, and completely forgot to take pictures of it finished! Oh well, Kay is adding embellishments, and may have the quilt at guild on Tuesday, so I will take photos then. So sorry!
Here is the picture of the quilt before I started
Mr Wazoo finished his quilt early, too, so we were off to the grocery store before lunchtime.
This is a new pantograph we recently bought. I like it.
Beautiful birdie backing
It was a glorious day here in the Georgia mountains, a sunny 75 degrees, no humidity, and a gentle breeze. Fabulous! Tim did some gardening while I started the laundry (yuk) and then quilted and got the binding made and sewn to the scrappy trips quilt from last week. It has a bias stripe for the binding; quite jolly!
My scrappy quilt, all finished except for hand sewing.
Edge to edge pattern, Quirky.
The back is a sheet from Walmart. Simple label.
Now, it's time for sweet corn, a piece of steak from the grill and a baked potato! Yum!
Happy weekend to you all!

My next project. Blocks made and on the design wall!

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