Monday, May 4, 2015

Vintage quilt rescue and some squirrly neighbors

Today was another vintage quilt day. A friend of my sister in Texas went to an auction and bought what she thought was a vintage quilt in a box. She paid $1 for it. It turned out, there wasn't a quilt in the box at all, but six quilt tops ! She really wanted the quilt she saw in the box, but isn't a quilter. Enter Wazoo. In exchange for quilting and finishing her quilt, she gave me the other five tops. I have been doing one every now and again, and today I finished and quilted an on point 9 patch which dates to the 1950s. I added two borders after squaring the top as best I could, and then did some nice quilting in the open areas. I've been working on the hand sewing during some PBS shows, but I will have to finish that tomorrow. I'm pooped!
Hey! Molly photo bombed my picture!
That's better. 
I added the red and floral borders
Fun quilting
I added the polka dot binding, too!
Also today, the squirrels who live in the tree across from our front porch came out to play! I never would have guessed there were four of them in that tree, but I saw them all come out of the hole this morning and grabbed the camera.
Can you spot all four? One in the hole, one next to the hole, one on the branch and one going down the tree.
You go first! No, you go first!
Siblings hanging out
I only have a point and shoot camera, so the photos are a bit fuzzy. I hope they come out again tomorrow! The frolicking and leaf chewing was so much fun to watch, Tim and I spent nearly an hour at the window.

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  1. This quilt is stunning! How delighted the original quilter would be that you took her simple 9-patches and made a treasure out of it. The borders you added are perfect, too. What do you do with your quilts?


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