Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy news! We won!!

The quilt I designed, help make, and quilted has won third place in Chapter Row at the NQA show! This makes five raffle quilts I have quilted have won ribbons nationally.
Goodie for me! And goodie for the guilds whose quilts they were.
The Disconnected Piecers are having their show in February, and you can still get tickets for the raffle. Email (Barb Cartwright) for tickets.
Here are the quilts, with the latest winner first.
2016 Disconnected Piecers raffle quilt on my guest bed, after quilting is finished.

The pieced back of the quilt

Fresh off the machine
2015 Peace River Quilters Raffle Quilt

2014 Disconnected Piecers Raffle Quilt

2012 Disconnected Piecers Raffle Quilt


View of the back

2011 Peace River Quilters Raffle Quilt
2011 Peace River Quilters Raffle Quilt fresh off the machine

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