Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mr Wazoo setting the pace!

Mr Wazoo hit the ground running with his quilting yesterday and today . He decided it was just too hot to work out in the sun again, and took a couple of days off from yard work. I am glad he did! Look at the work he accomplished!

I haven't been slacking, either, but my work is boring prep stuff. I will be starting the layout of the tee shirt quilt tomorrow morning, and hopefully sewing some parts of it during the day.
Meanwhile, I quickly quilted the giant quilt for our bed. The batting finally arrived on Thursday evening, so waiting quilts could be finished. Including ours!!

After work, I pressed a batch of vintage blocks I had languishing in a drawer. They start all wonky and wrinkly (hand piecing was not the maker's strong suit), then flat and wonky, and after trimming, flat and square...but lacking points! 

Oh well, I think they will make a fun quilt anyhow.
We'll have to wait and see; right now, its time to start the ribs for dinner!


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