Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quilts, tractor and rocks, oh my!

The sewing event was fun as usual, and I made two more quilt tops for the Hugs and Kisses project. I also piked up some other tops to finish for the project. With all the hub-bub of the day, I only quilted four small quilts and got their binding on. Hand work to follow!

About the hubbub...the boulder men came! Tim was like a kid on Christmas day. I snapped pictures and a movie. Molly hid under the table.

Does he get any happier than this? No.
Yesterday, I surprised Mr W with a new John Deere tractor. He has been wanting one since we moved here, and I think he needs it, too. All that hard digging and hauling is exhaustingly difficult work, and he has done it all by himself. Time for a break! He spent an hour just cruising around the yard getting comfortable with the controls. He did the same thing today after the rock guys left.
Everybody is happy here.

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