Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another fun day at Wazoo

My bad knee has really been bothering me lately, so I have decided to stand and quilt one day, then mostly sit and sew the next. I can rotate like this and give my knee a chance to heal itself...or at least feel better!
Today was a 'mostly sit' day. I worked on the customer commission of a quilt representing things in northern Wisconsin. She likes blue and green, and also wants the night sky in the quilt. I cut the strips and squares a couple of days ago, and started making nine-patches today. Here is what a full day of sewing and pressing looks like!
Center has deer, then pine trees with snow on the branches in the second round

The third round has snow on a blue background

Next round has apple trees on a blue background

The last round I finished is green with red and red-orange tiny squares

I sewed the blocks together into rows, but didn't sew the rows together.
There are three more rounds to go, then the border.
Stay tuned to see the fabric that comes next! It's my favorite.

Tim worked in the back again today, and planted more shrubs and plants. He got the mulch down, too, so one more area is 'landslide' protected.

Plants waiting to be set in tomorrow

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