Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello again!!

We have has a bit of an hiatus here at Wazoo while my sister and brother-in-law have been visiting the Georgia mountains. has rained almost non-stop since they arrived. Poor Dan's golf clubs have languished in the trunk the entire time. My sister is also a quilter, so we were quite happy to spend time sewing and going to the quilt shops.
I have been working on my applique project, too, and having fun raiding my stash for just the right bits of fabric for each block.
Mice on a leaf

Butterflies and dragonflies
Tiny buttonhole stitch. I like how it looks

It's coming along!
On Thursday, we went to the sewing group where I made another charity quilt while my sister hand sewed bindings for the group. She has sewn eight bindings since she has been here!! I've been spoiled by her helping with that task.
We spent time touring by car when the rain slowed down, but only had one stop in Blue Ridge to see the quilt exhibit there. The husbands weren't too excited with that, but we girls liked it! We have watched movies, made cookies (well, Dan made cookies...we ate them), sewn a lot and eaten way more good food than was necessary to our well being. I don't get to see my sister often, so it was a fun time for me, even if it was a soggy one.
They leave tomorrow for Paducah, just when the sun is supposed to come out here. It figures!!
 I will be back in the studio tomorrow, with new quilts to work on! UPS made a delivery today with the batting I have been waiting for. Mr Wazoo will be outside trying to get the back rock garden back to square one after all the rain we have had. It really did a number on the dirt between the rocks. Much of it is now in the yard below the wall.
Mr Wazoo spent loads of quality time doing quilts while it rained
Perfect for the Fourth of July!

This one, too!!

The first of the fleece backed quilts

Mr Wazoo picked great pantos to enhance the quilts

 Too bad we can't send rain to the west coast!

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