Saturday, July 25, 2015

Humming along

The last couple of days have been arduous for me. I have been cutting up the shirts and pants for the three memory quilts, and it seemed I would never reach the end! Bonnie Hunter makes it look like it will be isn't! Kills the cutting hand and arm.
By the end of the first day, I had the shirts and jeans deconstructed.
I cut all day on day two and still had a pile of shirts left to do.
Day 2 and I still have that pile of shirts in the background...
Today, I finished cutting!! Yippee! The block sewing will start tomorrow.
All done cutting. I hope I have enough for three quilts...
Mr Wazoo has done his duty in the studio, too. He quilted all day yesterday and did a large project today before being excused to go outside and do some mowing. He loves to mow.
table runner
pretty Chinese coin quilt
Panto: Come Dance With Me
I love this quilt. Cute, fresh bird fabrics
Panto: Alfresco
I'm almost at the end of another quilt project for a customer. It seems Grandma made this top from old shirts, feedsacks, tea towels and a tablecloth. Nobody quilted it and it sat  for a long time becoming dirty and stinky. Enter Grandson, who is getting married and wanted the top made into a quilt for his new home. Mom washed the top and brought it to me to finish as a surprise wedding gift. It isn't pretty by most standards, but it is precious to him. I started by fixing the holes and open seams, giving it a good press with Best Press and steam, then added the border and backing, quilted it and put on the binding. I wish I had taken a 'before' picture because it looks 100% better now! Bridegroom will be thrilled. Quilting always makes me happy. I am very happy tonight!

Grandma quilt
It was a pretty big quilt
Panto: Small Splat
Soft checked backing

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