Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Making progress

The memory quilts are coming along nicely, and I have almost finished two of the tops. I was doing the outer borders today, but had quite a few interruptions and didn't finish.
The one on the right has side borders on
Here it is, closer
It seems I always have several irons in the fire, and today was no exception. One of my customers needs this quilt by Friday, so it took precedence and was finished today.
A wonderful quilt by a beginner!
Panto: Curlz
Another customer brought this sweet log cabin her Grandmother made that has had a lot of loving over the years! My job is to restore it to a usable quilt. This is gonna be fun!

The quilt Grandma made
well worn

the fabrics are intact, but the seams are gone

Mr Wazoo had a good day outside, just doing what he always does...digging, planting and getting dirty. Both of us enjoyed our work today.

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