Monday, July 20, 2015

new and happening at Wazoo

We had a great weekend and are now hard into the week with quilting here at Wazoo. Mr W has been busy with his assignments, quilting in the mornings and working in the yard in the afternoons.

I finished this pretty bargello on Saturday, and mailed it to its home in Florida today. It was one of five quilts sent to their owners today!

I worked on my sister's quilt yesterday and this morning, finishing it around lunchtime. Yippee!

Then, I started this HUGE quilt for a Georgia customer. It is 104"x114" and she chose a busy pattern of all different kinds of leaves. The rows so far have taken a full bobbin each to complete! Wow! I am always happy to see the end of the quilt come up off the floor...I should be able to get it done tomorrow.

All work and no play would be deleterious to my health! After finishing for the day, I cut the pieces for another block of my applique quilt. I know it looks sparse, but there is a fox on the quilt who overlaps this block.

This will be my after work fun tomorrow!

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