Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Not drowning yet...

Wow! The last couple of days have been busy here at Wazoo! Quilters are finding us and we are all too happy to help them out. You already know about the two antique quilts I am restoring and finishing. The binding is done on the Irish chain and I am now replacing the worn pieces by hand.
Hand work for the nightly TV time.
Today, I got an order for three memory quilts to be made from a man's shirts. I love this kind of project because the quilts will be keepsakes for the family forever. Plus, the shirts are pretty! That helps. I will 'de-bone' them tonight a la Bonnie Hunter.
Two bags of shirts and pants for memory quilts
Another customer came today with a commission for a wedding quilt in the lone star pattern. She had a comforter she wanted the quilt to look like, and I am happy to see it has big pieces and wide borders. She likes the calming effect the minimal design has.
This is the comforter she brought as the inspiration.
The new quilt will be in blues, sage green and some tanish gold. The background will be a dark cream color. She gave me some snippets of fabric she really would like me to try to find or come close to, so the hunt is on!
Meanwhile, I finished the HUGE quilt with the nearly impossible pantograph. Mr Wazoo and I have decided to retire this panto. Thank goodness! My right arm is really in pain. I was able to do two rows at a time and then take a rest. Killer panto!! Turned out great, so I guess it was worth the struggle.
Big (104x113) quilt finished and ready to go home

To get the idea just how big that is, here is the view from the back of the table.
I think the designer drew every leaf known to man, Panto: Falling leaves

The quilting doesn't show well on the back
Mr Wazoo quilted today, too, finishing up a quilt from yesterday and starting on another. He did get a few minutes of yard time until the sky darkened and it poured rain."Good for the grass!", he exclaimed.
MrW's finish
Panto: Swirl and Twirl
After work (ha ha ha) I fused the last block for my applique quilt. Where the pieces are loose, they will have things from the border or the next block overlapping.
Lizard block
Blocks ready to sew together. Borders next!!
I have one more binding to do on a charity quilt, and then they will all be ready to give away. Between my sister and me,  we finished 11 charity quilts this month!
Ready for hand sewing
Life couldn't be better! Spicy black bean burgers on the menu for supper. Yum.


  1. I need a nap after reading your post! Phew!

    1. I wish I could take a nap sometimes...but then I can't get to sleep at night!


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