Friday, August 28, 2015

A Glorious day in Georgia

What a perfect day! Low humidity, warm breeze, sunny, birds flitting about...and me, stuck inside. Well, most of the day. I'm sure you all look out the window at work sometimes and think,"I wish I was out there..."  I do that, too.
But the work is there, and needs to be done. Mr Wazoo has earned his Employee of the Month for August! He quilted this tee shirt quilt and mailed it and one I finished, too. I'm sure he heard the siren song of late Summer, but did the work first. Good man!
Mr Wazoo did the center with a pantograph, then I custom quilted the borders

Panto: Fantasia

4 border treatments

Mr W did this tee shirt quilt 

Panto: Square spiral
Before going outside, Tim quilted this log cabin quilt
Panto: Fantasia
I received a bag of shirts from a customer who wants a tee shirt quilt made for her friend, who happens to also be her boss. No problem, right? Wait a want it when? Saturday. Like, day after tomorrow- Saturday?! Yup. For her birthday. Needless to say, I had to say it wasn't going to happen that fast. She is okay with that and said it would be okay whenever I get it finished. After she left, I began to cut and prep the shirts, thinking I could probably get it done over the weekend. Today, I worked to get the design going and make the rows (columns, actually). By 6:15, I was beat and had to stop.

The columns are ready to sew first thing tomorrow

After a day of cutting and sewing tee shirts, I did take the dog and tour the yard. Tim had finished his work and was watering the new grass and the flowers. The sun was low and a breeze was blowing. Everything smelled wonderful and green. We grilled some brats (bratwurst, to non-norskies) and had broccoli salad and fresh tomatoes.
Tim seeded the back yard and got the straw down

The late night bear came down the hill from behind this part of the garden.
 There is a little path there where he (or she) left foot prints.

Although the look a bit scraggly, the tomatoes keep on producing!

Chez Wazoo, Miss Molly and Mr Wazoo watering his new seeds

Molly, in front of the studio

After supper, what else but hand sewing on the never ending quilt repair. It will be done some day!

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