Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beautiful Saturday...spent indoors

Most people would be out and about doing all sorts of fun things on a lovely Saturday in August, but Mr Wazoo and I spent the day working on quilts and rolling the ball forward, so to speak. I thought about it while I was stitching down the binding on one of the memory quilts. I don't think there has been a day without sewing of some kind for a long, long time. I even took a quilt to Texas when my mother was so ill. Stitching on that quilt occupied the time and comforted me in my time of profound sadness. I should have taken two quilts...
As for yesterday, I first made the label I had forgotten to add to a customer project. I opened the binding and inserted the label and then hand sewed it closed. The maker came in the afternoon and was thrilled with the way the quilt looks. That makes me happy.
the label
My friend, Stephanie, came by, too. She brought along a friend of hers who also sews, and they dropped off two small quilts. I love to chat with fellow quilters, and share what they are up to, and what comes next for them. RoseAnn commented that she hates to think she would have to be in a homeless shelter to get one of my quilts, so I gave her one. (Disclosure...I have a bathroom in the studio where I store loads of quilts) That also makes me happy.
RoseAnn's gift
So, in the scheme of things, even though we spent the day indoors, we made progress on quilts that will make someone else smile.
#1 all quilted, binding on
Panto: Modern Twist
the back
#2, same panto...
different backing, (#3 looks just like #1)
Oh yes, the raccoons are now stitched down and next comes the owl. It is another sunny day, but I will be spending most of it in the studio, doing what I love. Mr Wazoo will be out in the sun, planting more grass.
oops, there's a loose thread on his face!
so cute!
Squashed under Mr Bear
Owl pattern
Mr Wazoo's first love...more grass started.

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