Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Optical illusion quilt

Work started with this quite large quilt. I loaded it and did all the stitch in the ditch, ate some lunch, and then began quilting. I really didn't think it was a very nice quilt until I went to photograph it...Holy Cow!!! Through the camera lens, the quilt looks completely 3-D! When I am quilting, it is just a pattern of triangles and rectangles. Soooo weird! Anyhoo, here it is. You decide. I wish you could see it without the camera...
This looks completely different in person! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone!
Don't you feel like you could reach into that square box?
At 5:00, I decided to work a bit on the applique project, which I believe will never be finished. Unfortunately,the squirrels have many little pieces. Drat! They will be so hard to button hole stitch around. The birds are cute.
The Thinker squirrel
the frisky squirrel
Mr Bird
Mrs Bird
I had to quit at 7 to make some supper for the other quilter. He was also busy today quilting one quilt and loading another.
Mr W did this one
Panto: Fork in the Road
His next quilt is ready to go
After supper, I finished hand sewing the binding on the third (and last) memory quilt! Yippee!! Now, it's off to bed, so I can sleep fast and start quilting again tomorrow!

C'mon, Mom, let's go to bed!!

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