Sunday, August 9, 2015

Productive day at Wazoo

Sometimes it helps to get an early start! Mr Wazoo got going on the customer quilt that is a birthday present for a lucky boy. All the fabrics feature candy! Mmmmm!
Cheerful candy quilt
Panto: Popcorn
The backing featured candy, too!
I had a special quilt to do, too. This pretty Monet inspired quilt was made by a quilter who is losing her eyesight. My Mom had the same disease and was blind when she passed away. I know she is seeing all the lovely colors now. So this quilt had to be special, for the woman who is slowly losing her colors. I hope she can see how nicely she did and how lovely the lilies are.
pretty water lilies floating on a  serene pond
some of the quilting
the border treatment
In the afternoon, Mr Wazoo quilted another customer project; this one belongs to my sister.
My sister's quilt
Panto: Featherize
I worked on the final borders of my appliqué quilt.
Now, I get to have fun with the critters who live in the borders! Stay tuned...
Tomorrow, we play hooky, going out for some breakfast and then a nice car ride. We need a break.

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