Monday, August 24, 2015

Quilting day at Wazoo

Today was a regular quilting day here at Wazoo. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and everyone got along. (ha ha,there are just the two of us, you know...)
Tim quilted the center of a big French General fabrics quilt, and I had to take it off his machine and re-pin it on mine so I could finish the borders. I did the first one with his machine and it was so foreign to me, I just had to stop. I have become a Gammill Plus snob!! His machine is so much smaller than mine, it drove me crazy. All the winding the take up rollers was a pain. Tomorrow, I will get 'er done!
Tim did the center with the panto Feather swirl and I did the first two borders before changing the quilt to my machine.
I worked on smaller projects today, finishing these two little quilts for the same customer. The table runner is really nice. Great fabric selections and beautiful hand appliqué.
I did this runner
The maker does fine appliqué.
This wall banner is fun, but I hope it will have buttons or something over the eyes so the poor bunny doesn't look dead! It reminded me of cartoons where they have exes over the eyes to show the character is dead. A tad creepy. Otherwise, also nicely done and cute. I like the carrots best.
Easter Bunny banner
Easter egg for a tail!
I settled in after supper to catch up on So You Think You Can Dance and work on the quilt repair job.
Tomorrow is guild and I have quilts to return to their owners and more to pick up. Plus it is the yard sale. Oh dear, I hope I can resist temptation...
Meanwhile, after finishing work, I cut out the block pieces for my next project. Stay tuned!

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