Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sad days at Wazoo

Last Wednesday, at 3:30AM, my Mother passed away. Tim and I are in Texas with the family, making plans for the memorial service and getting my Dad straightened away and ready for life on his own.
Mom was 92 years old, and had a full, exciting life. She was without a doubt, the most intelligent person I have ever know. When my friend's moms were home making cookies and vacuuming, my mother was building a successful career as a Registered Medical Records Administrator. She oversaw the records department at a big hospital in Madison, Wisconsin until she retired.
Mom loved sports and played baseball as a kid and loved  watching the Cubs all her life. She played tennis, and was an award winning golfer. She would ride her bicycle around Lake Monona in Madison, and supported her children's sporting efforts, too.
Mom wasn't an out-front person at home, rather deferring to my Dad in the daily grind. She quietly ran a tight ship, cooking, cleaning, gardening, knitting and crocheting, and reading voraciously, all while working full time outside the home. She went camping, even though I don't think it was her favorite pastime, and made all the rough places we set up tents seem like home. She attended all my sporting, choir,and orchestra events, and then went to all the events of my own children. Mom made a cooler of snacks and drinks for team members and was always there to make the day more fun.
She is my example of what a great mother should be, and I try to live up to her example , but fall short in so many ways.
I will miss her, but will have my memories to sustain me through this sad time in my life.
My Grandma, my mother and my aunt in Wisconsin. My Mom is the tall, slim, beautiful lady on the right.
making cookies with the twins

potluck supper with my niece in the hall

visiting her cousin in the family hometown in France

with my son and his wife in Texas

with just a few of the quilts she made for school children
with my sister 

Mom loved dogs, and was always petting or holding one of the family pets

with my Dad in Wisconsin

acting silly with me in Texas

Seeing my girls off at the Harlingen airport

having a moment with Amy in her kitchen


  1. So, so sorry for your loss.

  2. Your mum sounds like she was an amazing woman. Sending condolences to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Marlene. It was because my Mom couldn't drive at night that I began quilting 28 years ago. She paid for my class so I would do the driving! We both enjoyed making quilts for my kids, and then for almost everyone else. It made a wonderful retirement business for me.


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