Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A beautiful day!...for quilting

Tim got up early to get his quilting work done so he could go outside. It was a perfect day for outdoor work, so  I let him skip out after lunch and do his thing. He is retired, after all!
All the quilts from this customer have fleece on the back for warmth.
The grandkids live in Washington.

I can't remember the name of the panto...I call it wishbone

The second of four quilts made by the Grandma

Panto: Popcorn
Mr Wazoo loaded number three, but didn't quilt it. That gave Molly a 'nest' to enjoy!
I didn't quilt all day today, because I had laundry and grocery shopping to do, too. I did finish the ditch stitching, as well as all the background fill in the blocks. I'm starting at the top again, and working down the quilt. The owl is done, and the big border across the top is done, too. It sure is slow going.

No quilting tomorrow. We are taking a day trip to the AQS Chattanooga show! My friend Kay has a quilt in the show. I hope she won something. She just called yesterday to tell me that the Toulouse Lautrec quilt she did and I quilted won something in the Houston show! I am honored to have been a small part of her success. This is the quilt, in case you don't remember it.
Kay's quilt
Molly has no idea she is going in a kennel tomorrow. Poor pup.
She loves to hoard her toys.

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