Friday, September 11, 2015

Just another day...with another bear!

We both worked in the studio most of the day. I got the ditch stitching done and sewed around all the appliqué bits on this beautiful Piece o'Cake quilt. I marveled more than once to Tim how perfect the appliqué stitch is as well as the sharp points and smooth curves. I wish my hand work was this nice! Tomorrow, the quilting starts in earnest. I am stoked to do this quilt. I love the Piece o'Cake pattern style.

Tim quilted this cute Christmas project with bright green Minky on the back.

Panto: Holly Berries

He also did these pillow sham fronts before going to the doctor for his yearly physical.

Panto: Alfresco
It was a glorious evening, and Tim spent some quality time on the deck, admiring his wonderful garden and yard. He grilled our supper, and went to bed happy.

Oh yes...we finally got the trail camera and put it out yesterday afternoon. Last night, we had a picture snapped of a bear just in front of the lens. Tonight, it is in a different position to hopefully get a better photo. Fingers crossed!!

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