Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shout out to Sandra Walker before starting my day

Thanks to one nice reader, I have added two new pages to my blog! Be sure to check out the raffle quilts I have done for various groups, as well as a compilation of quilts that I had quilted , entered  in shows.
Most times, once the quilt leaves the studio, I never see it again, but these were in shows! I love seeing the quilts finished and hanging, especially if they have a ribbon on them! One of my pet peeves is a show that doesn't acknowledge the quilter on the information card! Your quilt may be a work of art, but the quilting can make or break taking it to the next level where it is wonderful enough to merit a prize. Don't get me started on the ribbons...
Anyway, thank you Sandra, for leaving a comment! This Blogspot set-up makes it difficult to leave a comment, and even more confusing to find it and read it! Why is that? Some blogs have a running chain of comments at the bottom of each entry, and it is easy to add my two cents (which I am apt to do :o) ). If I ever figure it out, I will be a happy girl!
Now, I have to get with the program on this rainy day and start quilting!
But just to get you curious...here are a few of my own quilts in shows.

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