Monday, September 21, 2015

The daily grind

Today was a unremarkable day here at Wazoo. Mr Wazoo spent the day working on the underpinnings of the fire pit, and I passed my time quilting.
This was the only paying customer quilt I did today. A sweet baby quilt for a new grandson. The grandma wanted baby things quilted in the plain squares. I'm no artist, but I think they look nice.

After the customer quilt, I did an assembly line of charity quilts for my guild. Just meandering, but fun for me.
Four charity quilts ready for binding

Flower meander

I made this happy frog quilt. It has a swirl meander

Swirl and hook meander

Feather meander

This is where Tim started on the fire pit this morning. The big white snakey looking thing is a drain.

On the weekend, Tim finished the digging, put the drain in, and started adding the base layer of gravel

The drain goes downhill, into the woods

He dug the trench for the drain last week
Tim used his tractor and cart to haul many loads of gravel up to the site and cover the drainage ditch below the rock garden. He isn't close to putting in pavers yet...more base work to be done.
Today's progress included filling in the trench with gravel to cover the drain, and adding more gravel to the patio space. The ring for the fire pit marks where the level of gravel needs to be.
Now it's time for Tim to grill us some bratwurst for supper!
I'm sitting with an ice pack on my knee and wishing the pain would just go away, but I don't think that's going to happen. I really need to get a second opinion...didn't like the first doctor at all.
Tomorrow is another day!

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