Thursday, September 24, 2015

Work, work, work...I won a prize!!

Remember when I was making a challenge quilt with the yellow stars fabric? No? Well, I won the prize of a gift certificate to the fabric store! Woo hoo! Here is the quilt I couldn't show you before.
Winning chickens!
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo has the fire pit ring in and the first round of pavers down. He said it was really hard to get it all leveled, but he did it!
It's getting there! (he sits on the bucket while he works)
He is peeved to have to do some quilting on these lovely days, but quilting does pay the rent, so to speak. At least the first quilt he had to do was pretty!

Panto: Bubbles

Fabulous backing fabric!
Not so for the next one! I never heard such grumbling and moaning! No employee of the month this month...
I, on the other hand, worked diligently on this stunning applique quilt made by a group of ladies for the show, and then a raffle. I hope to finish it tomorrow!

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