Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finished!! (almost)

Yippee!! I finished the quilting, made the sleeve, binding and label, and attached them all to the quilt. Now, I just have the handwork to finish. I can do that with my feet up, watching a flick on TV.

Tim quilted a Christmas quilt to be sold in the boutique at our guild's upcoming show.
Nice bear paw pattern

panto: Holly berry

It was a long day for us here at Wazoo, so we treated ourselves to supper out at the local barbecue joint. On the way home, we counted 9 deer in the pastures and near the woods by our house. Two bucks, four does and three fawn, including the white ones I saw the other night. I sure hope they evade the hunter's guns, but I fear that isn't how it will turn out.
The new live version of Cinderella awaits! Time to do some hand sewing.

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