Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It was inevitable! A new knee is looming...

I got a slow start today because I spent the morning at the orthopedic doctor's office. My knee is shot. I really tried to make it to 65 so Medicare would cover it, but it didn't happen. I have had physical therapy, arthroscopic meniscus repair and bone spur filing, Hyaluron injections, and cortisone. There is nowhere to go but replacement. November 19th.
Meanwhile, we need to work our tender hineys  off to get the customer jobs done and returned and the parts made for the repairs. I'll be able to sew the first couple of weeks, but not quilt at the Gammill. I got a good start on the ditch stitching on this beautiful quilt today. Very slow going with all the curves and points to stitch around. The actual quilting will be more than fun!!

ooh la la!
Tim has been quilting up a storm since it has been cold, wet and windy outside. Here are a few of his latest hits.

Panto: Popcorn

Panto: Small Splat
After finishing up quilting for the day, I made the replacement blocks for a quilt I am restoring. When I'm laid up, I will have hand work to do. I will pick out the old blocks and appliqué the new ones in. There are many muslin block parts to replace, too. This is just one of the quilts waiting for the new lease on life. Stay tuned for more!

Old block...

New block

Torn, worn block...

Brand spanking new block

Oops, forgot the 'before' picture

Only a tear in one piece

Close to the original patch

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