Thursday, October 1, 2015

Three days work.

I soldiered through knee pain that practically made my hair stand on end to finish a quilt that has been haunting me for months! Every time I took it off the rack and studied it, I went blank with what to do. Back on the rack it would go and languish another week. I finally had an idea and once I got going, it practically quilted itself! I hope the customer likes it...there was an awful lot of black background to fill, and I am not a black fan.The photos don't do the quilting justice (it's the darn black...) but it is covered with all sizes of circles with random patterns of bubbles stitched in the colors from the appliqué. All the filler is done in a really dark charcoal thread so it would show a bit against the black.
Did I mention, this quilt is really big, too!?
The rest of the quilt, hanging over the back of the table
Border treatments
Bubble quilting in the circles

More quilting

Gorgeous pieced back
Mr Wazoo dutifully quilted, too, doing these lovely Autumn flannel quilts.
I custom quilted the owl and Tim did the panto

Panto: Autumn Oaks

Soft quilter's flannel quilt
panto: Come Dance With Me

Second verse, same as the first

Tim also quilted this refreshing gulf stream-like quilt.

Panto: Ebb and Flow

Remember color wash quilts? This one is really nice and has oodles of fabrics in it.

Panto: Quirky

Tomorrow is my sewing group, so I had better hustle off to bed!

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