Sunday, November 15, 2015

All done for now

I finished the last big quilt today and the rest will have to wait until I can stand up for hours at a time after my surgery. Mr Wazoo did one big quilt for me, but the biggest one (108 x 113") was all mine.
Mr Wazoo's big challenge, conquered!

I'm not sure of the panto...small splat?

The first quilt we have ever had with a corduroy backing.

This quilt is HUGE!!! It took most of the day to quilt. I had to sit down for a while a couple of times because of knee pain, but it's done!!

This quilt could be a tent for a family of four, I think!!

Panto: Hearts surfing

The backing was sure a surprise.
We skipped with my son, his wife and her mother tonight and little Dechen is just a chubby cutie!! They promise to try to remember to send a picture, but they seem a bit overwhelmed at the moment. It is amazing how someone so small can turn the world upside down! They will adjust and be fine, I am sure of that, but right now they are frazzled. I'm glad grandma is there to help!
Tomorrow, I'll be off to Dahlonega and the final check-up before the big event. I'm sure nervous about this, but I can't stand it anymore.Stay tuned for the whole gruesome story!!

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  1. That one blue quilt looks very cool. All the patterns and colors of fabrics look all together very pretty.


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