Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Toe in the Water

Today I woke up feeling good enough to do some quilting. Tim had been having issues with a large quilt, so I stepped in to help. The quilt is done, despite two rather long breaks during the quilting to ice and rest my knee.

Mr Wazoo kept me company in the studio, working on this sweet quilt for a little girl.

I also finished the red and white Irish chain quilt I have been hand mending for months!!!After a wash and dry, it looks good as new. 43 replaced and re-quilted squares,  three patched holes, and new binding, too. I am so happy to have this one done, I could do a little dance...if I could.

The day ended with a lovely surprise from my quilting pen pal in Iowa! I got two sets of coasters she made; one set for the holidays and one for all year round. I plan to use the holiday ones on New Year's Eve for my champagne glass...Thank you, Ronda! I was so surprised to find them in my mail box.

Almost 2016! I can't believe this year has gone by so fast. I am putting together my year end blog post, and I even shocked myself with what 2015 held for us here at Wazoo. Stay tuned!

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