Monday, December 28, 2015

Oh! Christmas!!

We were chasing our tails here at Wazoo getting everything ready for Christmas and a big family gathering. I made 9 kinds of cookies and sent them to various friends and family members, as well as getting all the sleeping accommodations ready for tired travelers.
Everyone arrived, and the fun began! Kids went shopping, hiking and grocery gathering while I kept the home fire burning. The girls did all the cooking and cleaning up, which was the best Christmas present ever for me. We played games, made a puzzle, explored the neighborhood and just enjoyed everyone's company after a one and a half year period of not seeing each other.
My youngest got engaged, and brought along the fiance ...

My oldest girl and my two Arizona grandkids were here, too.

The other twin daughter came the farthest, all the way from Oregon!

My son and his wife stayed in Boston because Dechen is too little to travel yet, and the other grandma is there visiting from Japan! They had a happy Christmas, too, and we had some quality FaceTime with them. Technology is sure wonderful sometimes.

Mr Wazoo got a new leather jacket and some hand knit accoutrements, which he gladly modeled along with a funky pair of steam punk goggles...

Family game night, a Christmas movie marathon, lots of cooking and eating, and some good old goofing around filled up a week's time quickly.

Before we knew it, Christmas was over and it was time for the family to go home. One last family picture, and they were off to Atlanta and flights to parts north, south and west. I took a much needed nap and dreamed of next Christmas. Oh yes...I also finished the puzzle while Mr Wazoo drove the last group to Atlanta!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Now, back to quilting!

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