Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ring out the old, Bring in the new. Happy 2016

It's that time of year again where we all take stock of what we made of the year gone by. Mr Wazoo and I pulled up stakes and moved to the North Georgia mountains, leaving our friends and established business behind. It was scary to start anew, but we have always been adventurous and flexible. After 14 years of the Florida heat and humidity (and bugs, gators and snakes...) we saw a winter snow and pleasant temperatures all year. Once the studio was up and running, we advertised in the paper and got our first local customer. I do have to thank my Florida customers for carrying us through the first rough months. We now have a good base of customers and I am enjoying the new arm of the business; repairing quilts and making commissioned quilts.
Five weeks ago I had a total knee replacement of my right knee. I still can't walk very well, but I did stand and quilt yesterday! I have to be better by February, so I can join the gals in Sebring for a retreat. Just about the same time, we welcomed a new grandson, Dechen, to the family. Hopefully, a trip to Boston in the near future is in the cards.
Most of the family came here for Christmas, and we are happily headed toward the new year.
My tally is as follows: I made 24 charity quilts, 17 quilts just because I wanted to make them (you know how that is) 2 show quilts, 4 quilts from stacks of vintage blocks, 6 commissioned quilts, 3 customer tee shirt quilts, repaired 5 quilts, and fixed, quilted and bound 7 vintage tops. That comes to 68 quilts!
We didn't figure out how many more we did the quilting on, but I know it is a pretty good number. Mr Wazoo really stepped up and he truly is my number one employee! Tomorrow, the tree comes down and all the frou-frou goes back into the box and into the closet under the stairs until next Christmas.
Enjoy your New Year's Eve with a slideshow and some champagne.
Thank you for being out there, reading and laughing with me.
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