Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It looks like Christmas!!

What a difference a day makes! This is what we woke up to this morning...

Molly watched me taking pictures and wanted to come see what I was doing.

Not a squirrel stirring...

The only tracks are Molly's, and she didn't venture out very far!

When the snow stopped falling, I took a few more photos, and then snapped out of my reverie and went to work. My guess is no guild today which is a bummer for me because Sally was going to have the finished raffle quilt there. We will just have to wait to see it next month!
I am off to work on the quilt I started yesterday! Stay warm!!

The road to the house is visible (and snow covered) just above the pine on the left

Mr Penguin is loving the cold and snow!

Poor little birds are trying to find the seeds that are on the ground under the snow

I love it!!

Wazoo tidbits and fun

I had these photos in the computer, but didn't want to put them in with the show. 
While I was away, Mr Wazoo took a few pics, too!

Sister quilt number one!

Sister quilt number two

Sister quilt number three.

Ice on the trees and snow on the mountains!

Here is the reason why!

Truck not movin' today

Where's the driveway?

Meanwhile, in Florida...I shot the quilts that Tim and I quilted for our customers. (and my ribbons!)

The best one is the light blue ribbon for Best Track Mounted Quilting!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Successful trip to Florida

 I really meant to post from Florida, but either was too busy or too tired to do it! The show was wonderful, and seeing all my friends, priceless. The only hiccup for me was getting lost in the rain and fog on the way home and nearly ending up in Chattanooga!! Thankfully, nature called and at the rest stop, I looked at the 'You are here' map and realized I wasn't at the 'here' I should have been. A brief 53 mile tour down a two lane mountain road in the rain, and I made it to Jasper. Whew! What a day!
So, rather than bore you with loads of narration, I will just shower you with photos and a slideshow!!

I'm here! Crossing the bridge into Punta Gorda, there was the event center, announcing the show.

At the judging

The scribes, writing like crazy to keep up with the judge

Down to three for Best of Show

Then there were two...and I quilted the one on the left! It didn't win, but was an honor to make it that far. The winning quilt was hand done. Just stunning!
After the set-up, we partied at the reception
Audrey M. was thrilled we won a ribbon! Me, too!
My pal, Carole with her Piece o'Cake quilt
Carole's Hummingbird quilt was also considered for the  Best use of traditional design award.
Carol D. with her Granddaughter's kaleidoscope quilt
Karen, with her fabulous Dear Jane quilt.Best of Show!
Audrey B. won first place for the Vintage Tin quilt. I got to quilt it, so I was over the moon, too
We also collaborated on this sweet quilt...and won again!
Mr Wazoo was well represented, too!
A wee taste of the vendor mall
I picked these three for my 'Viewer's Choice". I don't know what actually got the award, but these are my favorites.
This quilt is unbelievable. It is a tee shirt quilt!!
She cut the shirts into circles, and some of them fussy cut. Brilliant!!
This beautiful quilt is entirely hand done. Pieced and quilted over a period of five years!! I'm in love!
Not the best picture...but I L-O-V-E the color combination on this quilt! Not a difficult pattern, but made so stunning by the use of color.
A melancholy moment when I first saw the posthumous tribute to my wonderful friend and customer, Carol, using two quilts she made and I quilted. I miss you, Carol.
The raffle quilt did brisk business, making over $8000 the first day! I didn't win it...boo-hoo.

For the rest of the quilts, I have put together a slideshow. I hope it uploaded okay. After an hour or so, I went to bed, leaving the computer to do its magic.
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