Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hugs and Kisses day

Today was the sewing day for the Hugs and Kisses group and I was ready! I had Stephanie's quilts all ready for her to bind as well as two of my own cut out and raring to be sewn. During the day, I showed the girls how I finish the binding ends and stitch the binding down. Our new friend, Nelda, took a little video and if she sends it to me, I will post it here. Here are the quilt tops I made today.

disappearing nine patch
scrappy disappearing nine patch

When I got home, Mr Wazoo was working diligently on my sister's quilts. He had finished one, and still had another one to do after the one on the frame! I had time to kill, so I put on number three and got it quilted. His project was much bigger, so I left him at the machine to go post this entry!
Tomorrow, I'll get a fresh start on the next customer quilt. All in all, a very nice day.

All kitties on this bright quilt
Great quilting with variegated thread
The swirly panto shows well on the back
Mr Wazoo still quilting the all puppy quilt
I love this color block modern quilt!

I decided to keep the modern vibe going with this 'potato masher' type panto.
Lime green on the back, too! My favorite color.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pumpkins done!!

I put in a long day today to get this quilt finished and it was worth it! I just couldn't stop quilting...

I traced the flower and leaf as templates, and did some outline quilting up in the blocks with contrasting threads.
A simple swirl meander sets off the pumpkins in the blocks. The inner border has a continuous leaf design.

This shows the backing

Here are the flower and leaf I used for the templates.

I think it looks really nice!

Tim finished his quilting and then spent some time in the yard with his plants and grass. He actually has a sunburn on his face! Forgot to wear his hat.

A monster of an Irish chain for a Florida customer.

He used variegated thread and a nice feathery pantograph.

A peek at the back.

Now, I am in my easy chair with my feet up, ready to hand sew the binding down on the quilt I did yesterday. 
Life is good!

Hurry Up!!

Just a note before I start quilting today. We are going to Texas to see my folks next week, so I have to hurry up and get the quilts up to date as well as get our taxes finished and in the mail. Oh drat! I hate doing the taxes...
Yesterday, I quickly quilted one of my tops and get the binding on so I would have handwork for tonight's TV watching.

Mr Wazoo was busy, too! We are in overdrive getting things done.

In the afternoon, I started this happy pumpkin quilt. The customer did a wonderful job on the buttonhole applique. I notice these things since my face is so close to the quilt! I really like looking at the details on the quilts I do for other people. This will be fun to quilt once the stitch in the ditch is finished. I am off to the studio to get the quilting started!

It's a family affair here at Wazoo...Molly is waiting to play when we take a break. She travels with her skunk toy. What a hoot she is.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Busy quilting day at Wazoo

I started my day by finishing the big customer quilt that has been on the frame for a week. Lots of thread breakage had me and Mr Wazoo re-timing the machine, changing the needle and anti-backlash spring, and adjusting the tension. I finally got everything working and was able to do the border with the metallic thread I had picked for the job. Whew! I hope Joanne likes it.

Mr Wazoo quilted a customer quilt before going outside to do some yard work, and I quilted the other quilt for the same customer in the late afternoon. This finish was the permission to play for me. I quilted one of the quilt tops I made at the class on Friday, and got the binding on. Then, I cut out some applique pieces for a project I am working on. Altogether, a fruitful day!

Customer jungle quilt

Don't you love this backing fabric?!

Customer cowboy quilt

My quilt ready for hand sewing.


Mystery bits!