Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy news! We won!!

The quilt I designed, help make, and quilted has won third place in Chapter Row at the NQA show! This makes five raffle quilts I have quilted have won ribbons nationally.
Goodie for me! And goodie for the guilds whose quilts they were.
The Disconnected Piecers are having their show in February, and you can still get tickets for the raffle. Email (Barb Cartwright) for tickets.
Here are the quilts, with the latest winner first.
2016 Disconnected Piecers raffle quilt on my guest bed, after quilting is finished.

The pieced back of the quilt

Fresh off the machine
2015 Peace River Quilters Raffle Quilt

2014 Disconnected Piecers Raffle Quilt

2012 Disconnected Piecers Raffle Quilt


View of the back

2011 Peace River Quilters Raffle Quilt
2011 Peace River Quilters Raffle Quilt fresh off the machine

Quilts, tractor and rocks, oh my!

The sewing event was fun as usual, and I made two more quilt tops for the Hugs and Kisses project. I also piked up some other tops to finish for the project. With all the hub-bub of the day, I only quilted four small quilts and got their binding on. Hand work to follow!

About the hubbub...the boulder men came! Tim was like a kid on Christmas day. I snapped pictures and a movie. Molly hid under the table.

Does he get any happier than this? No.
Yesterday, I surprised Mr W with a new John Deere tractor. He has been wanting one since we moved here, and I think he needs it, too. All that hard digging and hauling is exhaustingly difficult work, and he has done it all by himself. Time for a break! He spent an hour just cruising around the yard getting comfortable with the controls. He did the same thing today after the rock guys left.
Everybody is happy here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tee quilt, three panto quilts and a UFO finished!!

 I quilted the tee shirt quilt as well as the last of three quilts for another customer before quilting a UFO of my own. I still have about ten of them to quilt, but I'm making progress! The binding is a teal fabric from my stash and the quilt was made from a charm pack. (Or two...I don't remember, it has been so long)
Mr Wazoo quilted another two customer projects before going out for some yard work therapy. He was disappointed that the boulder man didn't bring the rocks today, but hoping they will be delivered tomorrow, and they will start building the retaining wall/rock garden at the back of the house. We'll have to wait and see how that goes.
Tomorrow is sewing day, and I am excited to see the girls again and have fun making charity quilts for the guild.I'll report on that later!
Mr W quilted this scrappy quilt. I love this pattern!

Pantograph: heartstrings

Here is the tee shirt quilt with its binding on. I finished the handwork last night.
I did a freehand swirling pattern for the quilting
The sock cuffs are too thick to pass the hopping foot over, so I opted to outline the socks and stitch just under the cuff
The backing and binding are the same fabric as the sashing
Mr Wazoo did this wine themed quilt with a feather pantograph

The last of the three customer quilts was the biggest, so I did it on my machine

Pantograph: Stacked Snailz

This is the UFO

echoed paisley meander quilting

Vintage sheet from the thrift store for the back

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tee shirt fun!

Today was tee shirt assembly day! I did move some of the Tee shirts and the bike block around so the bike block would be horizontal instead of vertical. I also added tires to the bike block. The rest went along with ease and I had fun adding the pops of southwest colors that the customer wanted. The quilt ended up almost the exact size she requested, so only the bottom edge got a border strip. The rest of the sides will have the sienna colored fabric as their binding. Tomorrow, I will assemble the backing and maybe do some of the quilting. I do have another quilt waiting for me to do, so I may quilt it first.
Finished tee shirt top
Bicycle block for a bicycling enthusiast
I am still loving those socks!
Mr Wazoo did a Christmas quilt today with the snowflake pantograph.
Christmas in June!
Snowflake quilting
We also had an interesting job come in, but I am keeping you in suspense as to what it is. Let's just say it will take some pondering on my part before I begin to work on it. Ooooo! Sounds like an adventure, for sure!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Machines humming at Wazoo

Mr Wazoo quilted two customer quilts today while I worked on the pieces of the tee shirt quilt project. I cut most of the smaller logos into circles and appliqued them either to backgrounds or other blocks. Two of the circles made swell wheels for a bicycle! The frame is black fabric fused and sewn down to a background block. The socks were a bit tricky, but after cutting them apart carefully, I was able to apply the fusable interfacing and trim them into sock shapes! Once I have the columns sashed and sewn, I will move the sock row to somewhere nearer the center. I hope tomorrow will see the other columns coming together and maybe even being sewn together! Fingers crossed!
I finished sewing the binding down on our new bed quilt last night, and got it on the bed this morning. I'm going there right now to test it out! Good night.
Mr W did this bright quilt today
This pretty quilt was also done by the Wazoo man
All the pieces are sewn down and I am ready to start the column sewing
Do you see the bicycle? How about the snazzy socks?
I put on the new quilt. It is more of a bedspread size than coverlet.

The colors are deeper in person, but it still looks cheerful!