Thursday, July 16, 2015

Woo Hoo!! Top and back finished

Last night, I finally gave up on finishing the top of the customer quilt at 7 PM. I just couldn't sew another seam!! There was some picking and some frustration during the day, slowing down the progress. I won't tell the story of the second batch of 64 nine patches that didn't look good...
The first half, all sewn and pressed
The second half, ready to sew
Today, I started early and soldiered through the rows for the top, finishing it at lunchtime.

Yippee!! The top is done!

After celebrating with some leftover spinach lasagna (just like Popeye, it made me strong to the finish!) I began to assemble the pieced backing. The customer wanted the night sky in the quilt, but I just couldn't make it look right on the front. The other fabrics were too earthy and soft. I had some blocks in my orphan block box that fit the bill perfectly! The night sky fabrics were another stash find, and the other fabrics are in the top. The transition from the woodland panel to the night sky is a batik, also from my stash. All in all, a very pretty quilt on the back as well, don't you think?

This is what I came up with for the back. I like it too!
The quilting will have to wait. I have a line-up of quilts to be done. Mr Wazoo did his job yesterday, quilting two beautiful customer quilts. Today was too nice for him to be inside.

Nice patriotic quilt, done by Mr Wazoo
panto: Star spangled banner
Pretty Christmas quilt . Mr Wazoo did this, too!
Panto: Holly Berries

I have a few appointments tomorrow to take on more quilts, as well as a visit with my friend, Stephanie. Our sewing group was pre-empted by a church rummage sale, so it was a work day for me alone at home. I got a lot accomplished, but I missed seeing the ladies!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It'll need another day....

I started the day with a drive to Blue Ridge to get more of the chickadee fabric, and the green with white flowers fabric. After that, I traveled back to Blairsville and the shop here. Right when I walked into the store, the heavens opened and it poured rain! Whew! I saw the black clouds on my way there and was happy to browse until the storm passed. Scored some border fabric and a panel I just had to have. (You know what I mean)
I re-made the 64 nine-patches and I must say, I'm liking how it looks. The design wall is too small (?!) for the entire quilt, so I will lay out the quilt on the floor tomorrow.
This looks better. Softer transitions between the fabrics.

Tim also made a trip to Blue Ridge in the truck to pick up plants he ordered from his favorite nursery. As soon as they called, he was out the door! Russian sage and black eyed Susans will be added to the mix.
Right before the rainstorm

About 5:30 PM, there was a bulletin on the TV saying a HUGE  storm was coming and it would have heavy rain, wind, lightening and possible hail.
By the time the evening news came on, we were prepared!

 Tim put the car in the garage...and the truck on the porch! It was like a custom carport! He's so clever.
Truck on the porch!
Molly stayed in the studio and supervised the event.
The storm came and went with fanfare and fireworks, and now, everyone is settled and hoping that tomorrow we will see the quilt top finished without further falderal.

I'm not feelin' the love...

Yesterday, I was so excited to get the last rows of blocks done for the commission quilt, but hit a snag. I really didn't like the light fabric in the mix. When this happens on a quilt with a progression of fabrics, its a disaster! I just had to suck it up and try different fabrics in the mix, trying to find the right one for the next round. Needless to say, I added a huge pile of 5 inch squares to my orphan block bin while auditioning them. Nothing is tickling my fancy... Geez...I feel another trip to the fabric shop in desperation. The right fabric is out there somewhere!! The 'night sky' the customer wants will not make the front, but will be on the back . The dark blue just didn't work with what I have so far.
It's time to bite the bullet and get busy, so I'll check in you later with what happened with this dilemma.
The last fabric I tried was this green. The light one from the preceding row just didn't cut it.

I can't take the light fabric out because I used every inch of the dark fabric...

And I really love the chickadee fabric. The hunt is on...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another fun day at Wazoo

My bad knee has really been bothering me lately, so I have decided to stand and quilt one day, then mostly sit and sew the next. I can rotate like this and give my knee a chance to heal itself...or at least feel better!
Today was a 'mostly sit' day. I worked on the customer commission of a quilt representing things in northern Wisconsin. She likes blue and green, and also wants the night sky in the quilt. I cut the strips and squares a couple of days ago, and started making nine-patches today. Here is what a full day of sewing and pressing looks like!
Center has deer, then pine trees with snow on the branches in the second round

The third round has snow on a blue background

Next round has apple trees on a blue background

The last round I finished is green with red and red-orange tiny squares

I sewed the blocks together into rows, but didn't sew the rows together.
There are three more rounds to go, then the border.
Stay tuned to see the fabric that comes next! It's my favorite.

Tim worked in the back again today, and planted more shrubs and plants. He got the mulch down, too, so one more area is 'landslide' protected.

Plants waiting to be set in tomorrow

Two more customer quilts done!

We started the day with quilting! Mr Wazoo quilted a modern, colorful quilt with a pantograph of square swirls, and finished at noon.

While he was doing his thing, I began a sweet quilt with appliqued blocks of adorable girl's dresses. Each one is embellished with trim or embroidery. Peeled back patchwork corners spotlighted each dress. I think the crisp, white on white background fabric was the perfect choice for the quilt. The entire quilt is wonderful!

Mr Wazoo finished and went out to play in the dirt, but my quilt (although much smaller) took most of the day to finish. It is going to be a raffle quilt the customer is donating. I forget what the group is, but they should be pleased. I hope it does well.

Molly was bored silly with the whole day.

Tomorrow, I hope to get a good start on the 9-patches for the commissioned quilt. I am looking forward to seeing it come together. Tonight, I am enjoying a showing of Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance on TV. Years ago in North Carolina, the choir I was in did highlights from the operetta and I played one of the Major General's daughters. It is fun to watch and remember the clever lyrics!