Friday, January 29, 2016

A sudden quilting frenzy!

I have been back to the Gammill for about a week now, and suddenly, I find myself running in place. Everyone who sees me up and walking without any help is asking if their quilt is done. Let the frenzy begin!
Tim pitched in and has done what he could to help me with all the quilts.He's knocking out the pantograph quilts, while I work more slowly on custom jobs and quilt repairs.

First, he did this lovely quilt for the customer's daughter.

Today, he did this cute baby quilt.

Because it had little turtles on it, he did a turtle panto!
This quilt was loaded on Wednesday.

And, today I finished it!

I have also been working on the log cabin repair, and finished it last night before going to bed. It really turned out splendidly. You can't tell where the big stain or torn bits were.

Tomorrow, I will load a very large appliqué quilt for custom work. I'll also prepare the patches for a quilt repair where the dog chewed a few places clear through! Naughty dog! 
No rest here at Wazoo. Only dreams of more quilting to be done.

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