Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beautiful day keeps me in

Yesterday and today are supposed to be the nicest days so far this year. Tim spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up the gardens and the yard, and just puttering around in the sunshine. I spent the day in the studio, quilting and sewing. I did get to go out to walk up to eat lunch. There are two ways to get to the house proper from the studio...stairs inside, or driveway outside. I took the driveway route.
As for the quilting, I have loaded a big sampler quilt with a block for each month of the year. I am almost finished with the stitch in the ditch, and should be doing some of the quilting later today. I didn't think to snap a picture with it in progress, so you will have to wait to see it.
Later in the day, I started the next repair project; a quilt chewed by the dog of the customer. There are only a few places to work on, but they are two sided and will take a while to do.

The work went along smoothly through Father Brown, Keeping UpAppearances, As Time Goes By and two episodes of Homicide Hunter. By the time Saturday Night Live came on, I was on the last rip in the edge of the quilt. Not bad for an evening's entertainment! I finished the project just as they were ending the show, congratulating each other and hugging up a storm. Off to bed!

On Friday, I really wanted to try out a block my friend, Stephanie, saw online and made to show to me at guild. I was hooked! It is a variation of the split four patch that starts with a wonky looking four patch and ends up having a few more seams to sew for the final block. I like it so much, I plan to make a couple of them every time I have a few minutes free. It will take a while to get enough for a quilt, but it will be fun!

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