Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Customer commissions

I delivered the three charity quilts today, and it was nice to see my fellow quilters.
Mr Wazoo is still rearranging the garage and plaguing me with "Do you want this" ...or "where do you want this"...with every box he opens. I have to admit, he did find some quilts I had been looking for, as well as the Christmas stockings. (better late than never...put away with the Christmas decorations for next year) and the immersion blender I got for Christmas three years ago and is still in the box! Yippee!
Meanwhile, I did get one half of the stitch in the ditch done on the lone star customer commission quilt.

After I got the quilting started, I switched gears and began constructing a quilt from blocks made by a customer's Grandma. She gave me some Sunbonnet Sue blocks and some 9 patch blocks from her Grandma, and wanted a quilt made of them. The 9 patches were small and the Sue blocks, large, so I added a blue surround to them  to make them all play nicely together. I used EQ7 to come up with this plan. Rows are done, sashing rows are in progress and not sewn.

If I have time tomorrow between the cardiologist and my PT, I will get the top finished and ready to quilt. If I change my mind...I will finish the stitch in the ditch on the Lone Star.
Don't you love quilting? If I didn't have three or four things going at once, I would be bored!
Stay tuned!!

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  1. Love what you have done with the Sue Bonnet Sue and nine patch blocks. it is going to be a lovely quilt. hope all goes well tomorrow.


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