Sunday, February 28, 2016

A day late...again!

I can't seem to get the post done on the day the events happen! It gets late, I'm tired, and shut down the computer before posting on the blog. Today is no different...I will have to tell you what happened yesterday to catch up with today.
I have finished the repair on the little quilt from yesterday, and it was a real challenge! Every time I repaired one hole, I saw another! I have also decided not to wash the quilt, but to leave that decision to the owner. It is just too fragile to take a chance on. Sewing the binding was a bear with the thick and thin batting.

Thank you to Mr W for holding it up for me!

There are 15 patches on the back! 

Meanwhile, I added borders to a little quilt I had in my quilting queue to make it big enough for someone to use at the Family Connection shelter. They are in need of bigger quilts for adults, so I hurried up and got three of them quilted and ready for hand sewing. Now, I have five bindings waiting! Guess what I will be doing during the Oscars, Doc Martin and Downton Abbey.

My sister made this quilt and gave it to me to donate.

I added this bright dot backing and quilted it with Modern Swirl panto.

My sister also made this quilt.

She donated the backing, as well. Panto: Primrose Swirl

I added borders to this quilt, and  finished the quilting with  the panto Featherize today.

I made and added all the bindings and now, the hand sewing can start!
I will end this post with my grandson out on the town with his Mama, and then back at home having a blast in the bath! Happy leap day tomorrow!

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