Friday, February 19, 2016

A lovely day for catching up

Today was absolutely beautiful, so I let Mr Wazoo have the day off to work outside. He raked, dug up rocks, rode his tractor around, and even set off my car alarm! I guess he had a fun day out.
In the studio, Molly and I got straight to work. Molly took a nap and I quilted three small charity quilts for my demonstration of applying binding next Thursday.
I realize I have been remiss in showing you our quilting progress, so let's correct that right now. Mr Wazoo deserves a day off after doing these customer quilts this week.
There were two of these beach themed quilts, but I am only showing you one. They were the same.

This beautiful star belongs to my friend, Janet. Tim did a great job with the quilting.

My buddy Terri made this lively spinning log cabin quilt.

There were also two of this quilt pattern. The quilting on both is the same, so I'm showing you only one.

My friend Audrey made this nautical quilt. Tim quilted a wind and water pattern.
I managed to finish the big quilt with the handprints on it. The binding took quite a while to do.
Yippee!! Finally finished.
I found this backing with the same design as the fabrics on the front. 

Now, here's one for the books! This quilt was hand pieced 30 years ago, and I have no idea what the quilter did to make it have 4 inches more fabric at the sides than it has in the middle. Go figure.  I really had to put my thinking cap on for this one.
I started by pulling up the excess and determining what needed to go to make the quilt square and relatively flat. That was 4 inches on both sides, tapering down to nothing three squares from the center. I folded the excess to the underside and lined up the remaining squares at their seams. Then, I pinned it all down and sewed a dart across the face of the quilt, trying to stay in the ditch doing it. The colors may not line up as they should, but the quilt it squarish, and flat. It can be used on a bed. Not too bad!

This shows how much their is to eliminate on the left side. Yikes!

You can see the other side here. Same problem...

The right side.

You can see that pulling the sides up immediately straightened the bottom.

Here it is, all quilted and ready for binding.

Panto: Big Splat

I also worked on a hunting quilt, all gabardine and wool, replacing blocks and mending rips. I think it looks like one of those Gees Bend quilts. I just have to do some big stitch quilting to finish the project. The binding is new, too.

And finally, My friend, Susie, made this chicken quilt for me. The minute I got home, I laid down on the couch and snoozed under its flannel goodness. It is a welcome addition to my chicken collection. And it's useful, too! Thanks Susie!

Please ignore Mr Wazoo's big feet and look at the pretty chicken quilt on the sofa.

Part of my burgeoning chicken collection.

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