Thursday, March 3, 2016

A change in the weather

We got up today and it was really nippy outside. Mr Wazoo did some office work while Molly and I were in the studio working.

Molly, hard at work.
I quilted this bright lap quilt most of the day.

Don't you love that backing?! I sure do.

Around lunchtime, I stopped and looked out the window. Yikes! This is what I saw...
A few minutes later...

We got enough to coat the trees, grass and shrubs. 

I'm not too worried, though. It is supposed to be really warm tomorrow. Aaah, Spring!
Mr Wazoo joined us in the studio to load a quilt for tomorrow. 

Finished my day out on the porch watching the clouds settle into the mountainside and listening to the wind chimes play. Another wonderful day in Georgia.

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